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Interested in leasing a new Acura ZDX in Groton, Connecticut? Look no further than Antonino Acura! We are proud to offer competitive Acura ZDX lease deals to drivers in the greater Groton area. The Acura ZDX delivers a thrilling electric driving experience, perfect for carving along the scenic coastline near Groton. With its instant torque and smooth acceleration, you'll enjoy a ride unlike any other. The luxurious interior pampers you and your passengers with premium materials, spacious seating, and the latest technology features. Whether you're commuting to work or exploring charming villages, the Acura ZDX provides a comfortable and stylish ride. And, with its ample cargo space, you can easily pack everything you need for a weekend getaway to the nearby countryside or a trip to the beach with the family. The Acura ZDX is the perfect combination of luxury, performance, and practicality, making it an ideal choice for Groton-area drivers. Ready to get started? Leasing an Acura ZDX offers a variety of benefits, and our team at Antonino Acura is here to guide you through the process. 

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Benefits of Leasing vs Buying an Acura ZDX from our Groton, CT Acura Dealership

Benefits Leasing Buying
Ownership   x
Lower Down Payment x  
Lower Monthly Payment x  
No Mileage Limit   x
Vehicle Customization   x
Easier Trade In x  

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Why Lease an Acura ZDX in Groton, CT? 

  • Lower Monthly Payments: Leases typically require a smaller down payment and lower monthly payments compared to financing. This allows you to get behind the wheel of a luxurious Acura ZDX without straining your budget. 
  • Drive a New Car Every Few Years: Leasing allows you to experience the thrill of driving a brand-new Acura ZDX every few years, with the latest technology and features. 
  • Simplified Ownership: At the end of your lease, simply return the vehicle and walk away. There's no need to worry about depreciation or selling the car. 
  • Perfect for Groton Drivers: The Acura ZDX is ideal for navigating the scenic coastal roads of Groton and surrounding areas. With its spacious interior and available all-wheel drive, it can handle weekend adventures or everyday errands with ease. 


Antonino Acura's Acura ZDX Lease Advantage 

At Antonino Acura, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and finding the perfect Acura ZDX lease for your needs. Here's what sets us apart: 

  • Competitive Lease Rates: Our finance department works with trusted lenders to secure the most competitive lease rates and terms for Groton-area drivers. 
  • Flexible Lease Options: We offer a variety of lease terms and mileage allowances to fit your driving habits and budget. 
  • Knowledgeable Staff: Our friendly and professional sales team has extensive knowledge of the Acura ZDX and can answer all your questions about leasing. 


Leasing an Acura ZDX at Antonino Acura is Easy 

The Acura ZDX lease process at Antonino Acura is quick and straightforward. Here's what to expect: 

  1. Browse Our Inventory: Explore our online inventory of new Acura ZDX models to find the perfect one for you. 
  2. Schedule a Test Drive: Visit our showroom in Groton and experience the Acura ZDX firsthand. 
  3. Get a Lease Quote: Our finance department will create a personalized lease quote based on your needs and budget. 
  4. Sign & Drive: Once you've chosen the perfect Acura ZDX lease, sign the paperwork and drive away in your new luxury SUV. 

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Don't wait any longer to experience the luxury and performance of the Acura ZDX. Visit Antonino Acura in Groton, CT today for a test drive and learn more about our competitive Acura ZDX lease deals. We are confident that we can find the perfect lease option for you. 

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